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For Christmas my Finacee didn't know what she wanted, so we finished the living room: TV, fireplace, stereo etc... I posted a pic on Facebook and said "Merry Christmas to Michele and me" She stated it should be "Michele and I". I always thought if you take out the other person, use what sounds right. You would say "Merry Christmas to ME" not "Merry Christmas to I" Who is right?

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You are correct and your friend is wrong.


Here is how you explain the grammatical rule:

(1) It does not matter if it is a compound subject or object, so you are correct about dropping out "Michele".

(2) You use "I" if it is the subject of a sentence.

Example: "I gave it to Michele." (I is the subject, not "Me gave it to Michele.")

(3) You use "me" if it is an object OF ANY KIND:


"Michele punched me." (Direct OBJECT.)

"Michele gave me a car." (Indirect OBJECT.)

"Michele gave a car to me." (OBJECT of the preposition "to".)


Applied to your sentence:

"Merry Christmas to Michele and me."

Michele and me are the OBJECTs of the preposition "to".

You use "me" ANY time you have an Object.

Hence, "me" is correct since it is the object of a preposition.

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