them vs. they


In the sentence 


"None so blind as they that will not see."


Why wouldn't "they" become "them" since it's after a preposition?


Or is "as" not a preposition?

pronouns asked Dec 16 '13 at 09:12 sali New member

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You can  google "they them" and get a better explanation, but basically, they is a subject pronoun, and them is an object pronoun. An example is

They sing to them.

Them cannot be a subject, they cannot be the object. These are incorrect:

He sings to they.    NO, should be He sings to them.

Them sing to you.  NO, should be They sing to you.

In your example, as begins a clause with subject and verb, they is the subject; them would be incorrect.

If the complete sentence is like this, the pronoun is an object, so

None are so blind as them.

link comment answered Dec 17 '13 at 07:20 palmer New member

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