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well I wanted to know how we make questions for ordinal numbes? I mean how do we make a question the answer for which is an ordinal number? well suppose you make questions for each word of this sentence.
The police arrested the third man.
The police
the third man
the third
Who arrested the third man. the police
what did the police do? arrested
whom did the police arrest? the third man
and now you are supposed to make a question the answer to which will be " the third"

I hope you got what I meant.Thank you.

asked Dec 12 '13 at 21:49 sinno New member

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Take the answer (the third) and make it into a complete sentence: The police arrested the third man (original sentence). Now, try to make a question containing all information except the ordinal number: the police, arrested, man


Then, the question is "Which man did the police arrest?"

"Which man"? the third man

link comment answered Dec 13 '13 at 09:13 Joyce F Contributor

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