Need help on which one is the verb in these sentences


2. The huge rocks at Stonehenge challenges tourists and scientists alike to uncover their mysteries.

3. Most people easily recongnize the monument as it looks in the photograph below.

4. However, nobody are sure how Stonehenge looked long ago.

5. Some of the archaeologists studying the site believes that Stonehenge once looked very different.

6. Few of the stones remains in their original places.

7. Many visitors to Stonehenge assume that ancient Druids built the monument.

8. Most scientists, though, says it was built many years before the Druids-perhaps four thousand years ago.

9. After seeing Stonehenge, few doubt that the stones weighs as much as fifty tons.

10. Of course, nearly everyone seems to have a theory about how these stones were set in place and what they were used for, but no one knows for sure.

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