Please help me. I am just curious about this sentence."Our products were made of used papers"In this sentence, can i use "from" instead "of"? I dont know what our produts is. It's a just simple sentence.

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This question made me think :)


I think made "of" is correct here. Generally, when the form of the thing being used to make a "product" does not essentially change, "of" is used.


Example: "This structure is made of stones." (Stones remain stones even as part of the structure.)


The preposition "from" is used when the form changes. For example, in "This wine is made from blueberries," we know that once used, the form of the berries changes: they are no longer berries.

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I did some research online and I found a helpful BBC page:

Hope this helps!

Joyce FDec 09 '13 at 06:41

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