Sentence structures


1) He is the man who I think is your soul mate.


2) He is the man that I recommend you meet.


The structure of the two sentences are fine to use?


Thank you so much and I need your help again:-)

asked Dec 05 '13 at 07:45 Hans Contributor

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It seems you have already described a person to your friend. You are suggesting that he could be your friend's soulmate. It will be better to avoid "He is the man..." because this usage may indicate that he is already the soulmate. The fact is that it is just a suggestion; he is not yet the soulmate.


Consider rewriting them this way: Experienced members may refine it further.



I think he should be your soulmate. I recommend you meet him.

link edited Dec 05 '13 at 11:37 Gijumon New member

Thank you so much and I just want you to see the structure, not meaning. I have seen many sentences written like the #1 and how about the #2? I think the structure is also fine to use and that clause modifies the man, right?

HansDec 05 '13 at 12:02

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