Different Words, Similar Definitions - How to Know the Proper Usage?


While writing a research assignment, I tried labeling a group of events such as earthquakes, raining flowers, and shining lights that are described in Buddhist texts and came up with "supernatural events" or "extraordinary, fantastic events" to describe them. However, I felt unsatisfied with my words and searched thesauri for alternatives to "supernatural," finding "supranatural," "transcendent," "nominal," and "miraculous" listed as some of the synonyms. Just by looking at the definitions of "supernatural" vs. "supranatural," or "supernatural" vs. "transcendent," it is rather difficult to tell the difference between these terms. How am I supposed to know in what contexts and for what meanings these terms are appropriate, since there is clearly a difference between words like "supernatural" and "transcendent?" What is the difference between "supernatural" and "supranatural"?

asked Dec 02 '13 at 06:07 Charm Seeker New member

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a very interesting question, indeed. i posted a lengthy answer a few minutes ago, but it didnt "take". Very quickly then, since we exist in the physical realm and these subtle-but-HUGE differences are spiritual in nature, i -personally- cannot explain them.


I have, however, reached a point, in my own spiritual development in the eternal now, that  "i know it when i see it." (And, i am currently seeing this amazing development in a very dear friend. It's like like watching a butterfly break out of its coccoon, if you will.)

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