What is wrong with the sentence below?

Ann Fin, a junior English major, was not a good skier, but she always tried her best, and was rewarded for her efforts.

asked Dec 02 '13 at 04:55 Katie New member

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Verb use in "She always tried...and was rewarded..."


While the first part is in active voice, the second is in passive. Strictly speaking, it is preferable to use either the active or the passive voice in the same sentence.



Instead of: The thief broke into the house and was caught by the police.

Consider: The thief broke into the house, and the police caught him.


...she always tried her best, and they rewarded her.


Hope this helps!

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You should not use acomma before ",and was rewarded for her efforts."

link comment answered Dec 03 '13 at 04:33 Diana Palmer New member

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