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I have used different Authors' name in my paper many times, it shows that all are misspelled. I am required by my Professor a score above 85%. But with these spelling mistakes that I have a frequecy of 18, I scored 68%. ALl are Authors' name missplelled. Please advise.

See example:

This week and the previous week's readings in books, articles and journals; I obtained by searching the Walden Library resources, I managed to access and located two articles, which serve my purpose in teaching or motivating unmotivated college students (McFarlane, 2010) and (McCluskey, 1996).
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As Lewis states in his answer, you need to contact Support for any issues related to the Grammarly program.  Grammarly Answers is a forum for the discussion of English grammar. 


The following link will bring you to the FAQ section of the Support page.


The next link will bring you to the section where you can contact Support.

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Please check the software.

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