what is wrong with this sentence

See example:

Management information systems support cost predictions, prepares budgets and supplies the tools and critical information to employees, decision makers and customers .
asked Nov 23 '13 at 02:27 Peggy Mcknight New member

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1) Parallelism = support, prepare, and supply or supports, prepares, and supplies, but not both.

In this case, you will use "support, prepare, and supply" because the subject for these compound predicates, "systems", is plural.

Hence, using "supports", "prepares", or "supplies" not only causes a problem with parallelism, but also subject-verb agreement.


2) Commas between a list = I had to read this three times because you did not put a comma between the second and third item on your list (put a comma before "and").


3) Get used to putting commas between items in a list because, evidently, your decision makers are your customers (put a comma in the second list as well).  

link comment answered Nov 23 '13 at 03:45 Aaron Prejean Expert

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