Error Analysis


What is the error or mistake in each one of the following sentences?

I need to check my answers before the submission date.

18. I’ll give you my address. _________________________________________
19. I adviced him to tell the police. _____________________________________
20. She gave me a good advice. ________________________________________
21. It is a magazine about computers and their affects on our lives. ____________
22. My father couldn’t afford paying for my education. _____________________
23. A man sitting after me started to shout. ______________________________
24. Most of the people on the bus were above sixty. _______________________
25. I met a group of youngsters at my age. _______________________________
26. The glasses haven’t been cleaned since ages. __________________________
27. I’m writing in reply to your letter that I’ve received a month ago.___________
28. The accident happened at ten years ago. ______________________________
29. Unfortunately not many people agreed helping us. _____________________
30. Many people will die unless there is an increase in foreign aids. ___________.

1. I like all the kinds of music. ________________________________________ 2. We all were delighted when we heard the news. ________________________ 3. All of us didn’t want to go to bed. ___________________________________ 4. I was alone in the house as all my parents were at work. __________________ 5. If you sit down, I will explain all the situation. _________________________ 6. He spent all the journey talking about accidents. ________________________ 7. The man was covered with blood. ___________________________________ 8. The woman was allright. __________________________________________ 9. The suitcase almost was too heavy to lift. _____________________________ 10. I will buy a dog because I feel alone. _________________________________ 11. We also would like to be given more fresh food. ________________________ 12. I don’t like your climate and I don’t like English food also. _______________ 13. Although the problem with the car, we enjoyed the journey very much. _____ 14. I have always the feeling that she enjoys teaching. ______________________ 15. On almost every page there were announcements for cigarettes. ___________ 16. Milan has another sights such as the famous stadium. ___________________ 17. They still can’t find the answer for this problem. _______________________ 18. I’m sorry I didn’t answer to your letter. _______________________________ 19. We were anxious for knowing whether he had arrived safely. _____________ 20. Apart of a few minor problems, the trip was a great success. ______________ 21. He approached from my table and took a seat opposite me. _______________ 22. Some husbands do not approve the idea of their wives having a job. ________ 23. By the next afternoon they had completely forgotten the arguement. ________ 24. She was sitting on a big armchair. ___________________________________ 25. At his arrival in Vienna, he was surprised not to find his friend. ____________ 26. She arrived to the station just in time to catch the train. __________________ 27. We arrived at London on 21st May. __________________________________ 28. He started to cry as a hungry baby. __________________________________I 29.  I like to eat fresh things as tomato and lettuce. _________________________ 30. As I can remember, I left the coat in the cupboard in my room. ____________

asked Nov 21 '13 at 07:22 Cecilia Rabah New member

We don't do homework, here, Cecelia. If you have a specific question for discussion, please do so.

Patty TNov 21 '13 at 08:00

I do not ask you to do my homework, it is already doneI wanted to check my . add to that, I thought that this site is built to teach the participants and answer their questions.

Cecilia RabahNov 21 '13 at 18:24

I do not ask you to do my homework, it is already done. I wanted to check my answers . Add to that, I thought that this site is built to teach the participants and answer their questions.

Cecilia RabahNov 21 '13 at 18:25

This is a forum to discuss grammar. There are no employees here. When provided with something that looks like homework, with blanks to be filled in, there is no way we would know that a person did the homework. Doing it for them doesn't help them learn. Though some regular participants here have been teachers, many have never taught (myself included) or are students learning English as a second language. It is not a teaching platform, though many people learn a lot here. Also, since this is a public forum, there is no way to guarantee that any answer is correct. For instance, Sanjay has learned English by leaps and bounds, in part by his participation here. Most, but not all, of his answers are correct.

Patty TNov 24 '13 at 02:34

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