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I want to know the rule to using the word "approximately" correctly. To me, these sentences don't sound correct:
- This trail segment is part of an approximately 100-mile route. [Shouldn't be, "This trail segment is part of an approximate 100-mile route?"]
- The approximately 100-mile route passed through this section.


Help! I need a rule to follow! (Thanks)

asked Nov 20 '13 at 19:47 Amanda Loughlin New member

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Break into smaller questions. Ask the question, “How long is the XYZ route”?


Answer: It is approximately (not "approximate") 100 mile long.


Question: Is this the exact value?



Answer: No, it is an approximate (not "approximately"value.

link comment answered Nov 22 '13 at 07:19 Joyce F Contributor

Grammarly wants to correct the following sentence to state approximate not approximately, which I do not agree with - in the sentence below, approximately flows better to me.


The cost is approximately $1,200, but there are not enough funds to cover this.

link comment answered Dec 09 '16 at 16:23 Wendell Gallas-Martin New member

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