To help or helping, which form is correct?


"I am confident to be able to help the team with [...]"




"I am confident to be able to helping the team with [...]"


Well, I am almost sure it's the first version, but I read this sentence so many times now, that I got really unsure. Also, I am wondering wether to use a comma after "confident"?



Infinitive ing asked Nov 20 '13 at 16:47 emeukal New member

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Between the two sentences you gave, the first uses the word "help" correctly. There is NO need for a comma following "confident".


One suggestion: Since you are speaking in first person, you might want to modify the sentence by changing the phrase: "to be able to help".

If it's YOU who you are making reference to, try this:


"I am confident in my ability to help the team with [...]"


"I am confident I can help the team with [...]"


"to be able to help" is essentially the same as "help" when used in this sentence, and it leaves it less "wordy" and more straightforward, without changing the meaning.


Hope this "helps"!

link comment answered Nov 24 '13 at 17:15 Susan Sansby New member

I am confident I can help the team with

link comment answered Feb 24 at 21:22 julieann Reibelt New member

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