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For the sentence


Can you try to see things my way?


What is the main verb of the sentence? "Try" or "to see?" And would it be transitive or intransitive? If the verb is "to see" what would I call "try?"


Is "things" a direct object?

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"try" is a transitive verb and your main verb.


Try what?

"to see things my way."


It is important to know that "to see things my way" is an infinitive phrase and NOT a prepositional phrase because a prep. phrase could not have functioned as your DO; however, an infinitive phrase can.

That being the case "to see things my way" is an infinitive phrase functioning as the DO of "try" making "try" a transitive verb.


(Btw, that means "to see things my way" now has the function of a NOUN object and is no longer functioning as a verb.)

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