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 But in the court of law, ladies and gentlmen, it is not enough to offer a coherent and sensible account.     (caluse, phrase, subject, verb, Object ect.)                                                                                                                                                                          

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But = coordinating conjunction


in the court = prepositional phrase

in = preposition

court = object of the preposition


of law = prepositional phrase

of = preposition

law = object of the preposition


ladies and gentlement = direct address (who you are speaking to), appropriatel separated by commas.


"it is not enough to offer a coherent and sensible account" = independent clause


"it" = subject


"is" = main verb & linking verb


"enough" = predicate adjective describing the subject


"not" = adverb modifying predicate adjective


"to offer a coherent and sensible account" = infinitive acting adverbially to clarify the predicate adjective "enough"

"to offer" = infinitive

"an account" = object of the infinitive

"coherent and sensible" = adjectives modifying the object of the infinitive.


ask and ye shall receieve

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