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Vocabulary use should only be suggestions and not scored - here is a classic example;

My essay is about ethical communication and Grammerly is suggesting replacing "ethical" with "social" or "impecable".

See example:

This week essay assignment covers the analysis of ethical communication as it relates to academic integrity.
asked Mar 24 '12 at 17:22 Robert Comrie New member

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Pardon my nit-picking, but Grammarly (not "Grammerly") & impeccable (not "impecable") are two obvious misspellings in the text. To my mind, the ethics of communication in relation to academic integrity is wholly apt. It possibly examines the veracity, reliability & unimpeachability of the communication. Impeccable integrity might necessarily be a prerequisite for academic claims or premises. 

link comment answered Apr 06 '12 at 10:56 Bijay Nanda New member

Epidemiological studies are important to assess the local prevalence rate and detect drug resistance pattern, to optimize drug therapy and prevent the dissemination of resistant strains in the community.

link comment answered Feb 22 '13 at 14:41 uma New member

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