according to or depending on?


I would like to ask whether the following statement is correct or not.


The next procedure is decided according to the probability p.


More questions are:

Can I replace "according to" by "depending on" or "with"?

I can understand all of them have roughly same meaning, but I do not have confidentce for these usege since I am not a native. 

asked Oct 28 '13 at 11:10 Korphy New member

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The subsequent event was omitted, but my answer would be contingent on that event:


"according to" would mean that a procedure would always follow and which procedure you used would be based on the subsequent "probability" event.


"depending on" would mean that a procedure might or might not occur based in the contingency of the subsequent "probability" event happening. 

If the event does not occur, then the procedure is not followed.

link answered Oct 28 '13 at 11:39 Aaron Prejean Expert

Aaron Prejean

Thank you for your detailed answer.I could understand what you are explaining:)

KorphyOct 29 '13 at 08:44

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