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there is a comma after 'even if they were to fall in love, ' so what's wrong with it? You cannot put a comma after 'even if ' here.What do you think?

See example:

Even if they were to fall in love, this would require talk first for the lovers to establish a connection and get to know each other's personalities and also, their feelings if any feelings were to be involved at all.
asked Mar 23 '12 at 09:13 sevgi siranli New member

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Yes, this is a common bug in Grammarly.  It has trouble recognizing longer introductory clauses.


Beyond that, all I see is that the start of the sentence after the clause is a bit awkward.  Yet it is hard to edit that without turning it into a run-on.  You may want to move "first" to go before "require."


I would also get rid of the infinitive toward the end so it reads, "...if any feelings were involved at all."  That makes it less wordy and gets rid of the conflict between tenses.  "To be" can imply a future happening, but "were" is in the past tense.  But if you really mean a hypothical future situation, you could say, "...if any feelings will be involved."  You might actually need a present tense here - "...if any feelings are involved."

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