The first sentence did not pass MS word's grammar checker. What's wrong with it?


Service Connection Flushing and/or Cleaning

Effective removal and disposal of debris and obstructions from service connections that may include the use of mechanical or non mechanical equipment, as per the Tender documents.


Payment for this item will be measured in hours as per terms outlined in the Tender documents.

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The MS Word grammar checker is picking up the restrictive  "that may include ..." clause not being set off by commas.  But be aware! Writing for specifications is not like other writing.


Statements need to be directive and subjective adjectives ("Effective") are not encouraged. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) recommendations would change your first sentence to:


"Removal and disposal of debris and obstructions from service connection requires the use of mechanical or non-mechanical equipment, as specified."


Here is a sample of the directive specification style  taken from the Corps of Engineers Guide Spec:


"After tests are completed, potable water piping shall be flushed. In general, sufficient water shall be used to produce a minimum water velocity of 2.5 feet per second through piping being flushed. Flushing shall be continued until discharge water shows no discoloration. System shall be drained at low points. Strainer screens shall be removed, cleaned, and replaced in line. After flushing and cleaning, systems shall be prepared for service by immediately filling water piping with clean, fresh potable water. Any stoppage, discoloration, or other damage to the finish, furnishings, or parts of the building due to the Lessor's failure to properly clean the piping system shall be repaired by the Lessor. When the work is complete, the hot-water system shall be adjusted for uniform circulation. Flushing devices and automatic control systems shall be adjusted for proper operation."

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