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How to explain the sentence: "the problem is how ethical do organisations oght to behave?

See example:

The problem is how ethical organisations ought to behave?
asked Oct 21 '13 at 05:39 daniel tran New member

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There are two possible interpretations of your sentence.

Are you discussing how ethical organizations SHOULD be (ought is the operative verb showing moral obligation)?

Or are you talking about "the problem" 'being' (linking verb) the ethical behavior of organizations right now?


The problem with your question sentence is too many verbs causing verb confusion "is", "do", "ought".


In the quoted section, you have correctly used the first meaning:

"The problem" (subject)

"is" (linking verb)

"how ethical organizations ought to behave." (predicate nominative renaming 'the problem')


The mistake you made in the quoted section is that you turned a statement into a question.

You stated the problem; you did not ask what the problem was.

Remove the "?".

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