Again about the usage of articles


I am trying to understand, how to use articles in general situations correctly. 

For example:

1) a) Water was found on THE surface of Mars.

    b) You can find a lot of bugs on A surface of soil.

Have I written the both of these sentences correctly?


2) I like walking on sand.

Any sand is OK, yes?


3) Speaking to native speakers is THE way to improve your language skills.

So, at the begining of the sentence we have shown this way, that's why the listener know what we are talking about. Correct?


4) If you are not familiar with THE territory you are hunting on, you must be careful!

A kind of advice. It may be any territory, but it is defined by the activity you are doing on it, am I right?


5) THE risk of catching a cold decreases if you follow some simple rules.

Are not we talking about the definite kind of risk?


6) If you use this cream, THE skin on you hand will be softer.

We are advertising our special cream to an audience, so if it is correct to use the article?


7) Speak English everyday. As THE result, you will improve it.

No comments. Just intuition.


8) Run in mornings to keep fit.

No THE, because in any mornings, right?


Also, are there any exceptions?


Thank you for your answers.

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