My name is Victor Anthony Joseph Rodrigues, 39 years of age from Goa, India. I am Music Teacher by profession and have been in the music field for the past 23 years. I basically have a passion for music and play the Organ, Guitar, Drums, Percussions and Sing .I Enjoy Teaching Music to Special Needs Children as a Therapy in training them to Sing and Play Musical instruments. My aim is to cater to Special Needs children in a way that not only help them to benefit in the area of music, but also in their overall development.
I was working for the Sanjay Centre For Special Education from January 2006 till May 2013 , We had special Needs Children with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities who were Mentally Challenged ,Slow Learners and Hearing Impaired. I am married and have a Daughter. I have recently come to United Kingdom in July 2013 for further studies and seeking work.
I have completed My Degree in Bachelors of Arts, in English and Degree in Masters of Arts, In English. I have completed a course in community rehabilitation, with the National Institute For The Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad, India. I have done a foundation course in Education of Children with Disabilities with the Rehabilitation Council Of India. According to me my strength is my passion and drive to teach special need students.My weakness is that, I still need to get into upgrading my techniques in teaching Special Needs Students which is in the process.

I have had great success motivating and helping these pupils to pursue something they enjoy and want to follow it as a professional career. Working as a teacher and musician has ensured that I have an understanding of the intrinsic balance between teaching and learning. The experience in the school has been enriching as there have been students who have shown improvement and the changes seen have been commendable.The children bring out the best in me and have got feedback from parents as well. we work along with the parents and there has been initiative as well as interest and enthusiasm inculcated into these children. I positively motivate them through incentives and thus help in reducing the otherwise inappropriate behaviour. I wouldn't say my life is enriching in a way, but has been commendable in the field of special education through the various workshops attended as well as courses done. I would say I am confident to handle as well as as teach a special need child. My way of approaching life is being at ease with the encountered person and once a comfort zone has been established I then proceed. the same goes with teaching the special need student. It’s by way of rapport, followed by getting a list of the student or students that I plan my goal or goals. The goals set by me are at the age level appropriate so as to facilitate learning and growth. Learning would be an additional phase in the area of special education. Firstly, I would update myself with the new contents of study as well as advances made in the area of special education. and Secondly, learning would support my existing knowledge in this field. It would benefit me a lot personally as well as socially, as I would see it as growth in my field. It would to a certain extent be a continuation of what I learnt, but as I mentioned earlier, it would help upgrade me as an individual as a whole.  

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