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In a novel I'm writing, I often want to describe a sequence of events as briefly as possible, and prefer to use "then," rather than "and then" to complete the sequence. To my ear this sounds natural and makes for tighter writing. But a colleague suggests it is ungrammatical. Here is an example:

I insert the key into the lock, turn it softly, then fling the door open till it thumps against the wall.


Your comments, please.

asked Oct 05 '13 at 05:59 John Boyd New member

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yes of course they are right but use the( then ,or and then ) depend on your novel ,what do you want to explain ?
one novel writter how much wants to explain and rearrange and sequence the story ,they should use  tha all grammar rolls .who much prepositions ,adjectives , story needs , we con not to  stay only withe (then or -and then )

all the best 

link comment answered Oct 05 '13 at 16:30 Mahjabin Andar New member

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