Both Transitive and Linking at the same time?


Can a verb ever be considered to be both Transitive and Linking, ie when a Transitive verb takes an objective complement, does this have anything to do with linking verbs, since it is incomplete? 

In other words, would a verb that takes an objective complement be considered both Transitive and a Verb of Incomplete Predication / Linking?

linking transitive asked Oct 04 '13 at 13:45 sali New member

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Transitive verd work with direcet objects , and it is  an action verbs .

linking verbs do not express action instead they conect to the subject of the verb to additional information about ,subject .

and some verbs are have mulipul personalitie  they con be transitive verbs and con be linking verb too ,  example :_( smel , grow  , look ,)

link comment answered Oct 06 '13 at 11:25 Mahjabin Andar New member

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