a good thesis statement for a hall of fame paper


I need a good thesis staement on a hall of paper that Im writing and its all based on my opinion

asked Mar 19 '12 at 17:58 Maria Kiousis New member

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To expand on Tolley's advice (all excellent).


You said your paper is "all based on my opinions" as if that changes the nature of the thesis statement.  But at its heart, the thesis statement still needs to do the same heavy lifting. An opinion piece is not very different than an evidence-based research paper. Where a research paper presents "objective facts" to support the thesis, an opinion piece uses "subjective facts" (your opinions) to do the same thing.


So, the RACE method probably still fits.  Spend some time figuring out the question. Why are you writing this? (not because it is an assignment)  Another way of asking the question is why do you want the reader to read this?  You may wish to convince your reader of something .. to share your opinion about something.  What is it you want the reader to take from the paper?


Also, opinions do not stand alone. Why do you hold the opinion? What lies behind the opinion? these may be objective facts or further opinion or values. Keep asking yourself why?  I hate red shirts! (my opinion) Why? I associate red with heat! (my opinion) Why? I prefer cool colors! (my opinion). But why do you think cool colors are better? I associate blue, a cool color, with a fine institution of higher learning, my alma mater. While red is the color used by that inferior "junior university" across the Bay!


(Okay, Stanford is a fine school, but it is still Leland Stanford Junior University.)


My point. Don't let the fact you are writing an opinion piece stall your efforts.

link answered Mar 20 '12 at 01:05 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Opps, conversational email stye versus writing style. "Different from"

Jeff PribylMar 20 '12 at 01:07

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