Identifying Intransitive and Transitive Verbs


My grammar book organizes verbs under "Intransitive Verbs that can be used Transitively" and also "Transitive Verbs that can be used Intransitively."


Since most verbs can be used either way, is there a reason that they are categorized in this way? Wouldn't all verbs just be used either T or I, without being considered a primarily an "Intransitive verb" or "Transitive Verb?" Or do verbs have a way that they are considered to be most likely used?

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In Transitive verb :-when no direct object follows an action verb , the verb is intrastive .

Transitive verb :-has two chracteristics 

1 - It is an action verb  ( kick,want ,writ ,paint )

2-  It must have direct object , something  or some one ,who receives the action of the verb .

some verbs con be Intrasitive or Trasitive ,it is depend on uesge or contexet .


The truck runs on diesel gasoline. (intransitive) My uncle runs a restaurant. (transitive) I'm reading. (intransitive) I'm reading an article in TIME magazine about sharks. (transitive)

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