What does "needle-nosed single-pilot jet" mean?


In the excerpt from the book The Giver


"It was not a squat cargo plane but a needle-nosed single pilot jet."


I have searched a ton of dictionaries about needle-nosed, but there are nothing to answer my question and give me an exact definition.


I really want to know what "neelde-nosed" exactly means. Is it used to describe the shape of a jet which is like a needle-nose pliers? or any explanaition.


Thank you in advance.

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Cargo planes are fat and round in order to deliver a great deal of supplies.

Jet planes are thin and their noses are pointed in order to be streamlined and fast.


In the book you are reading, Jonas had seen a cargo planes carrying supplies, but when he and the adults saw the jet plane, there was panic.


The reason for this is because the cargo plane is built for transport.

A jet is built for war (in this book, particularly).


The descriptive detail that Lois Lowry used was meant to increase the suspense and give a sense of foreboding at seeing a plane of war instead of a plane of transport. 

As such, it was important to understand the description of this event.

Good question.


Grammatically, to understand these adjectives:

'needle-nosed' does mean a nose like a needle--pointed at the front.

A good example of this would be a f-16 fighter--if you want to look it up.

'single-pilot' is just emphasizing that it is not a multi-crewed transport ship, but it is a single fighter pilot that is manning the aircraft. 

Think of Top Gun with Tom Cruise for an example (even if it was a cabin meant for two).

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