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Are my commas in the right place?


If you want a professional photographer, staging consultation and a marketing strategy, I am the Realtor for you!  I would love the opportunity to discuss how my marketing plan, sells homes fast! Please contact me for additional information about the selling your home!

asked Oct 03 '13 at 19:51 Amber Rothermel New member

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You can omit the comma after 'marketing plan'.


Note that you can also omit the last 'the', i.e. "…information about selling your home!"

link comment answered Oct 03 '13 at 20:04 Greg deJong Contributor

Hi every one !  I have no idea ,how to sell something ,or marketing .Pleas help me , and I need all informations , how to buy  a house ,and a car ,or how to make plan for maketing ?

I would like to discuss on it .

link comment answered Oct 04 '13 at 00:53 Mahjabin Andar New member

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