Plural possessive apostrophe on "committee"


Just wondering if the following apostrophe useage is correct in terms of describing a committee?




"Rural doctors' committee"


"Womens' committee"


"Young lawyers' committee"

asked Oct 02 '13 at 05:24 Robert New member

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I don't know why you think this has anything to do with committee.


It has to do with the word BEFORE committee.


If this is a committee regarding or for the adjective,

                                                                    then you don't need possession at all:

Rural Doctors Committee

Womens Committee

Young Lawyers Committee


If it is a committe ran by (thus 'possessed' by) those adjectives,

                                                                    then you need to show possession.

Rural Doctors' Committee  (plural possessive)

Women's Committee

                 (women is already plural, so you don't put the apostrophe after the s)

Young Lawyers' Committee (plural possessive)

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