Grammarly says, "check for interrupters" Is this sentence correct?


Most Bible experts agree that near the end of Solomon’s life, he wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, reflecting on his life. 

asked Oct 01 '13 at 03:08 Susan New member

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Most Bible experts agree that...he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes


"near the end of Solomon's life" is interrupting this noun clause between the relative pronoun and the subject.


That being the case, you need a comma around both sides of the interruptor:

"...experts agree that, near the end of Solomon's life, he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes..."


By the way, I would flip he and Solomon so that the pronoun is with the interruptor and the name is with the clause:

"...experts agree that, near the end of his life, Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes..."

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Good suggestion to "flip" it! Thanks.

SusanOct 01 '13 at 04:26

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