Identifying subject and predicate in a sentence


Is there any flexibility regarding what the subject of a sentence could be, if there are two nouns in the sentence? I read that the subject is usually at the beginning of a sentence, but not always. So could I technically consider the second noun to be the subject and the rest of the sentence to be "what we know about it" / predicate?


ex. The wind blew up the chimney.


Chimney is a noun, and what we know about it is that the wind blew up it. So can chimney be the subject and "the wind blew up" would be a fronted predicate? I think the verb would be considered passive in this case.

Or is it that since the sentence is in active voice, I cannot label the sentence in a way that would require the verb to  be passive.

subject predicate asked Sep 23 '13 at 21:47 sali New member

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