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Is one space or two spaces used after a sentence, when writing for e-books and on the Internet for websites vs. a paper book?

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Just one. Nobody uses two anymore.

link comment answered Nov 01 '16 at 19:54 steven barrera New member

I'm not entirely sure that this is correct, but someone told me that double spaces after periods (or full stops) were a hangover from the days of typewriters. Each letter and space were the same width on a typewriter (that is, the typeface was monospaced, like Courier on a computer), so the additional space after the period made the script easier to read. Now that we have proportional fonts, where letters are not only of different widths but also the space between letters can vary according to the kerning applied, we no longer need the extra space after periods. I'd love to hear from someone else as to whether this is an urban typography myth.

link comment answered Dec 11 '16 at 04:08 David B New member

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