Find the error in the use of comparisons.


1. For many years, the observatory at Mount Palomar was larger than any in the world. 2. Macros make using a computer program more simpler. 3. Sound quality from a CD is generally most acute than that from a cassette tape. 4. Among these writers, Amy Tan certainly has the most unique point of view. 5. When Mrs. Garr decided between the two designs, she chose the one with the best access for wheelchairs. 6. Wow! Your brother Ricardo certainly handles a skateboard better than anyone! 7. This edition of the encyclopedia features the most complete index of subjects. 8. You always have the bestest ideas, Wendy. 9. Athens is older than any European capital. 10. The Bentley was the better of all the British racing cars manufactured between World War I and World War II.

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