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The graph provides information about the factors affecting work performance on two groups of workers: those aged from 18-30 and those aged 45 - 60. The survey is a result conducted by a personnel department at a major company.
It can be  clearly seen that the difference among factors affecting work performance depended on each age group.In the 18-30 age group, the most considerable facor which they concerned was chance for personal development with 90 percent while money ranked the first in the 45-60 age group.

On the other hand, the least significant factor to younger age group was work enviroment ( about 30 percent) and to older age group was job security (approximately 23 percent). We can see from the data, there were some factors effected equally between two age group : team spirit (65%) ; competent boss(55%); job satisfaction (50%) and work enviroment(30%).

In conclusion, the bar chart ilustrates  factors affecting work performance on 2 labour age groups,also compares important level to each kind of group.

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