explain adjectives

See example:

The knight took one look at the ogre with the large club and turned his horse and ran away as fast as he could.
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At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to Grammarly Handbook. This is just one of the many free resources you can find on the internet to help you understand the basics of English grammar, such as an explanation of adjectives. There really is no reason for anyone here to rewrite such information.

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What is this? HOMEWORK?  /rage

By the way, how can you have a sentence using descriptive detail with a knight, a club, a horse, and an ogre, and not use ONE stinking adjective for the ogre?  I mean come on...


...the big, fat, ugly, stinking, obnoxious, garrulous, tights-wearing, Cardashianesque ogre...


Find your own answers:

How many looks did the knight take?  (adjective)

How big was the club?  (adjective)

Whose horse was it? (pronoun as adjective)

Ran where? (adverb)

How fast did he run? (a group of words functioning adverbially)

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