so that S can't = too ~ to


Here in my country, we have learned that too ~ to structures can be interchangeable with so~ that S can't.


For example,


1)I am too tired to go out.

   = I am so tired that I can't go out.


2)I am too busy to meet you.

   = I am so busy that I can't meet you.


3)I am too young to die.

   = I am so young that I can't die.


Do you experts agree with this or are there some natural sentences that are interchangeable and are there not? What do you experts think?


Thank you so much as usual and have a good day.  

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I would just note the functions:


too [adjective] (infinitive or infinitive phrase)


too [silly] (to waste my time on)

too [ugly] (to date)

too [friendly] (to be angry with)


But look what happens when I stop following that format


He was too [close] ~to the story~.  (To the story is a prepositional phrase, not an infinitive.)

Consequently, since we didn't use the appropriate grammatical format, this little "trick" you were taught will not work:

He was so close that he can't the story.  (This does not make sense because I did not use an infinitive after the adjective.)

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I am genuinely confused, why the thumb down? I told him exactly the format that has to be used for that formula to work.. if you break the formula, it doesn't work. His teachers were not giving him enough information and it could have led to misunderstanding.

Aaron PrejeanSep 23 '13 at 11:28

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