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i dont get the mistake. whats wronge with it.

See example:

I'm leaving grade 8.Every one has received their report card.
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Eighth should be the adjective describing the object "grade", not the other way around.

"I'm leaving the eighth grade."


"Everyone" is a one-word indefinite pronoun.


Finally, most people make this mistake (even incredibly intelligent people), but listen very carefully to me:

"Everyone" is singular.

Even if you said "Every one", it would be singular.


You know it is singular:

Everyone has received.

Why didn't you say "have" received?

Because you know it is singular.


Consider this:

Why did you use the plural pronoun "their" to rename the singular antecedent "Everyone"?


Because people do not know what to do with a singular pronoun when they don't know the gender of its antecedent when referring to a person; all they know is that they can't call people "its".


"Everyone has received their report card." IS INCORRECT AND I DO NOT CARE HOW SMART YOU ARE OR HOW RIGHT IT SOUNDS TO YOU; it is WRONG.


"Everyone has received his or her report card."


If you are being more informal, even just assuming a male or female generic would be MORE appropriate than using a plural pronoun with a singular antecedent:

"Everyone has received her report card."

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