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Is it a grammatical error to say, "Waivers will temporarily be available..." instead of "Waivers temporarily will be available..."?

See example:

Waivers will be available only to those E-470 customers and I-25 Express Lanes customers who reside in the cities and towns that were the subject of postal service disruption or whose mailing addresses and ZIP codes are clearly within the flooded areas.
asked Sep 19 '13 at 15:59 Dan Christopherson New member

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"Waivers" is your subject.

"will be" is your linking verb.

"available" is your predicate adjective that is describing the "waivers"

"Waivers will be what? available.


What is "temporarily" modifying?  Available.


Placing "temporarily" in the middle of the verb group "will be" is illogical and only done if you do not know/identify the verb/adverb/adjective that this adverb is modifying:


"Waivers will be what?"

"temporarily available"

"available temporarily"


"Waivers will be temporarily available."


"Waivers will be available temporarily."

link comment answered Sep 20 '13 at 00:52 Aaron Prejean Expert

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