Usage of can't


I am so young that I can't die.

=I am too young to die.

(the two sentences are the same in meaning, aren't they?)


Here in the sentence, the meaning of can't is ability or possibility or not true?



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Online Longman dictionary


to be able to do something or to know how to do something:
You can swim, can't you?

Even a small personal computer can store vast amounts of information.

Gabriella can speak French fluently.

I'm afraid Mr Harding can't see you now - he's busy.

The police are doing all they can to find her.

spokenused to ask someone to do something or give you something:
Can I have a cigarette, please?

Can you help me lift this box?

to be allowed to do something or to have the right or power to do something:
You can't park here - it's a no parking zone.

'Can we go home now, please?' 'No you can't.'

Any police officer can insist on seeing a driver's license.

used to say that something is possible:
I am confident a solution can be found.

There can be no doubt that he is guilty.

The boxes can be stored flat.

Can he still be alive after all this time?

seeing/hearing etc
used with the verbs 'see', 'hear', 'feel', 'taste', and 'smell', and with verbs connected with thinking, to mean that someone sees something, hears something etc:
Here they are - I can see their car.

Can you smell something burning?

I can't understand why you're so upset.

He can't remember where he put the tickets.

not true
[in negatives]used to say that you do not believe that something is true:
This can't be the right road.

It can't be easy caring for a man and a child who are not your own.

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No, they do not have the same meaning and this is obviated in your own apt analysis.


I am so young that I can't die. is using a causal relationship:

Why can't I die?  Because I so am young.

Can't is being used in the third way to reference possibility.

To prove it, just insert the word:

"I am so young that I can't possibly die."  This has the same meaning.


"I am too young to die." is more of a lament based on death occuring at such a young age.

This is obviated by the adverb "too", meaning that you are dying at an unacceptably young age.


Long story short:

"I am so young that I can't die."

          is a sentence based upon causal possibility/impossibility.

"I am too young to die."

          is a sentence based upon moral acceptability/unacceptability.

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