How do I reword


I am having problems rewording could someone please help with this sentence

See example:

I share with my preschoolers everyone has to follow some type of rules.
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You aren't "sharing" so much as you are "informing", "telling", or "instructing".


Part of the reason this appears confusing is because you omitted the relative pronoun.  While this can often be done, it should not be done when it obfuscates the meaning of your sentence.


I would phrase your sentence like this:

(Subject = I) (verb = inform, tell, instruct) (indirect object = my preschoolers) (direct object = what?)


I would also clarify that "everyone" refers solely to the kids--adults don't have to follow the same rules in your room.


"same" type of rules


I instruct my preschoolers that each of them must follow the same type of rules.


Note that I can think of half a dozen better ways to say this sentence; however, I usually try to keep it as close to the original as possible.


Note#2: "of rules" means they all follow a similar series of rules.  "of rule" means that you are referencing a single rule that every student must follow, even if it is just a variation.  Use the appropriate object.

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