I wish I would wake up




'I wish I would wake up early.' 

I was reading a bout the use of 'wish' in a grammar book and trying to develop good understanding of it before I could teach the topic to my students.

The book directed not to use 'would' with 'wish' when both have the same subject, because it would be 'illogical' to do so as the thing wished for is in the subject's control.

The problem emerged as the above sentence came up in an exercise about 'wish' and after the students were taught the above 'rule'.I found difficulty explaining and I said it was one of those times when we 'have exceptions'.I was not satisfied deeply, and neither were my students, I guess.

To make things worse, forums on the Net seemed to make things more obsecure to me, as posts seemed to express contradictory opinions.


I need your help to resolve this issue, please. 

wish would asked Sep 15 '13 at 12:19 niab New member

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