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Before you accuse someone of stealing your pencil, make sure it isn't just lost. I need help finding the the dependent and independent clause, and the subordinating conjunction

asked Sep 13 '13 at 01:17 David Alvarez New member

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24 hours later--I assume his homework is late if this is homework!


I would be a smarty pants and tell my teacher that there are actually two dependent clauses:


"Before you accuse someone of stealing your pencil" is the dependent adverb clause (100% what your teacher wanted you to identify).

"Before" is the subordinator that made the clause dependent.


"make sure it isn't lost" is an imperative sentence (your independent clause) with an implied subject.

However, inside of this independent clause you have a dependent clause with a hidden/dropped/implied relative pronoun:

"that it isn't lost" is actually a second dependent clause. ;)

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