Please change the follwoing into negative and interrogative sentences.1. She chose the yellow dress.2. I am going to Market with my family.3. Those men helped you very much.4. We have won the match.5. She has a beautiful face.

asked Sep 07 '13 at 11:22 Aayan New member

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She didn't choose the yellow dress.

Did she choose the yellow dress?


She didn't go to the market with her family.

Did she go to the market with her family?


Those men didn't help you very much.

Did those men help you?


We didn't win the match.

Did we win the match?


She doesn't have a beautiful face.

Does she have a beautiful face?



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Just so you know, we generally don't do homework assignments here, Aaron. If a question is actually posed about homework, that is one thing. I assume that most teachers would appreciate the student do his own work, though.

Patty TSep 07 '13 at 23:01

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