what Is correct to say : I learned the type of personality "I have" or "I'm "?


What is correct to say: this is the type of personality I have or this the type of personality

I'm ?

See example:

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asked Sep 06 '13 at 18:43 Christina Castro New member

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Your question confuses me, so I am going to grasp onto three saparate concepts that you mentioned which may be cojoined:

"My personality"


"I have"


'I am' can show who and what you are.

'I have' can show what you possess.


"I am a vicious psychopath." (I am a bad man...)

"I have homocidal tendencies."  (I possess certain murderous tendencies...)


"I am kind and gentle."  (I am a good man...)

"I have a tendency to give more than I can afford." (I possess a tendency to overgive...)

link comment answered Sep 06 '13 at 22:47 Aaron Prejean Expert

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