Is this a correct phrase grammatically


Of the respondents, all the 10 different majors were respondent. Majors are listed below with the number of respondents representing each.

is this correct? thanks in advance..

grammar expression asked Sep 04 '13 at 07:31 NewEng New member

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If you are asking specifically about "respondents" and "respondent", then, yes, "respondents can be a noun,

"Of the respondents"

"of respondents"


and it can be an adjective,

"the majors were respondent"


but is it good to use the same uncommon word as an adjective right after using it as a noun...?

I would use "responsive" as my adjective instead of using "respondent" to avoid obfuscations.


That being said, I think your sentences, while relatively free of grammatical error, are not entirely clear.


A bunch of people responded with "10 differen majors"?  Are there truly only 10 majors at the college you are writing to? Then I assume you have a following list of majors and how many people from each major responded...  If those assumptions are correct, then, yes, you have acceptable grammar.

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Thank you so much Mr. Prejean that was so helpfull.your assumptions are correct.. thank you again

NewEngSep 05 '13 at 06:55

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