Using on behalf of my wife and me or my wife and I


Is this sentence correct on behalf of my wife and me

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People make "I" vs "me" way harder than it needs to be, particularly with compound subjects or objects such as this.


(1) When acting as the subject, you use I.

(2) When acting as an object, you use me.

(3) When you have a compound subject or object, just drop out the other subject or object and most people can just instinctively "know" what the correct answer is.


In this case, when choosing "of my wife and me" vs " of my wife and I", you are dealing with two prepositional phrases.  There are two foundational parts to prepositional phrases--the preposition and the object.


Since "wife and me" is the object of the preposition "of", you need to use "me".


To prove that I am right, try dropping out "my wife":

Would you ever say "He did it on behalf of I"?

No, of course not; I am sure you would have said "He did it on behalf of me."


Wait, Mr. Prejean; there absolutely HAS to be a difference between:

"He used it on behalf of me."


"He used it on behalf of my wife and me."


Mr. Prejean: NOPE


Two important side notes:

(1) Your sentence would sound better if you used a possessive pronoun as an adjective, "on my behalf".

(2) "Is this sentence correct?"  It behooves me to tell you this, but you have not created a sentence; this is merely a phrase.

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