3) This present was what I wanted to give you last week.


I got great answers from great experts. Thank you so much.


1) The present was what I wanted to give you last week.


2) This present is what I wanted to give you last week. 


3) This present was what I wanted to give you last week.


According to the answers, the goes well with was and this goes well with is and then what about #3? The sentense is unnatural or it is also okay to use in some certain context?


What do you think? I think that all of them are possible and it all depends on speakers' views.


I hope to hear from you again. 

asked Sep 03 '13 at 13:34 Hans Contributor

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I don't think #3 sounds unnatural at all.

The linking verb "was" agrees with the complement "wanted".


I have to be honest; #2 is what sounds unnatural to me, even after considering Patty's advice, which I view with the utmost respect.

The reason it sounds wrong to me is because "I wanted" shows a past intent to give.

The linking verb "is" links that past intent in the complement to the subject with a present-tense verb.

I believe that you can give a gift at present time and still say "this WAS what I meant to give you", using the past-tense linking verb to show past intent.


All of that being said, I trust Patty's analysis and this is one of those things I may just need to get over. ;)

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Thank you for being honest and now I think that I know it :-) Thank you so much again and have a good day.

HansSep 04 '13 at 01:22

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