This decision is / was what I made.


1) This present is / was what I wanted to give you.

2) This decision is / was what I made.


This question is about tense agreement and I think that was here is natural, but I am not sure about it, so I need your help. Is there a meaning difference between the two sentence?


What do you native English speakers think?


Thank you so much as usual and have a good day.

asked Sep 02 '13 at 18:14 Hans Contributor

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Posting here as well in case they delete the other post for double-posting:


If you are only asking about is/was, then it has to be "was" because your subject complement is past tense--made.


Correctly put, your question is actually a matter of preference, not requirement:

"The decision is/was what I am making/made."


When you chose the past-tense subject complement, you were required to choose a past-tense verb.

"The decision is/(was) what I am making/(made)."

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