Explain these sentences


1. They give us each an English book. Do you think the word each is being placed appropriately in the sentence? If so, why is that?


2. Some of you have careless mistakes in your tests. Is it wrong to place the word you in that sentence? If so, why is that? 


Thanks in advance!

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If I contribute to these forums, then I will always be bringing it back to the foundations...


The problem with sentence one is that it has two indirect objects:

They = subject

give = verb (requiring a direct object)

They gave what?

an English book = direct object

They gave an English book to...?

Us? Each?

Choose an indirect... you can't have both.

"They gave each of us an English book..."

"They gave us English books..."

Note in the first sentence that I created a Prepositional Phrase to clarify "each", but I did not allow for two indirect objects.


I mention this because it is similar to sentence (2) in which you need to clarify who the "Some" are...  "Some have careless mistakes..." Who has careless mistakes? "Some of you have careless mistakes..."   The prepositional phrase clarifies who "some" is directed at.

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