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I am going back and forth on how to punctuate this sentence: For $100, I was able to buy a red, 1967 Ford, two-door, cargo van.  Any suggestions?

Thanks. This is very helpful. I'm usually very good at writing phrases like this, but sometimes I find it difficult to correct someone else's structure. You obviously do that very well, and I appreciate it. -Catherine

Catherine CSep 08 '13 at 19:17

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First, you are ignoring the ordered rule for cumulative adjectives.

You have a color adjective, a noun being used as an adjective, an appearance adjective, and a purpose adjective.  Most of what you are using here clearly are cumulative.


Would you ever punctuate like this

"I bought a two-door, cargo van."

or this

"I bought a red, cargo van."?

So why do you feel the need to do it here?


"Ford" can function as an appositive, so I would simply rearrange my sentence so that I would stop fretting about how it sounds because it is probably the noun that is throwing you off:

"I was able to buy a 1967 Ford, a red two-door cargo van, for $100."

Note that by moving the prepositional phrase to the end of the sentence you have also eliminated the need for another comma in your sentence.  This can be done despite how you structure the adjectives.

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I consider myself a lifelong learner. I have enjoyed going back and reading hundreds of these posts, yet, even when I think answers are clearly wrong, I do not thumb down them because I am not giving critique, advice, or correction. If I imparted bad information, please let me know; subsequently, I will investigate and either modify or remove my post. This question hadn't been answered in 11 hours, and I thought it was a worthy question. Thanks.

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Thumbing down others happens here regularly. They take pleasure in hurting others. I am glad that you are on the forum, and you answer all of our questions in detail, which others don't, sometimes. Keeping helping others, sir.

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